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5 Most Dumbest Comic Superheroes

Today on Our OMGFacts list we go into the comic world
Trying to glimpse back on our childhood heroes we use to know
We pointed out 5 of the most dumbest superheroes we know so far and you’ll be surprised who our No.4 is.
P:S this is just a fun fact so please do not i repeat do not rip my throat out if you happen to find your favorite comic hero in the list below.
1. Mermaid Man & BarnacleBoy
This is what you’re thinking right now “OMG this clowns are no superheroes” yes they’re not, sorry to ruin your childhood memories though but this clowns also recked me too..😭😭😭
2. Plastic Man / Mr Fantastic 
There was a time when this guy was my hero maybe, but lately his power seems to be but trash to me he only stretches out like some already chewed bubble gum
(Tttttt another childhood ruined).😭😭😭
3. The Green Hornet / Kato
Try drinking your cup of tea with some bowl of salt, that is what this two does… Kato happens to be a great fighter and if he had the money and gadgets? He is the better half of Bruce Wayne but the Hornet on the other hand is another bluff.😭😭😭
4. The Big Blue / Superman
Earth Mightiest hero so great in power but so dumb I mean for real who are we kidding? A man puts on his glasses and we don’t know he is Clark Kent? Sorry to break it to you but Superman Comics only tells how dumb your childhood was
(Biggest Childhood dreams crushed 😭😭😭😢😪😢)
5. The BirdMan
This Super Hero is so dumb i think he copied Hawk Man but it seems he is a sparrow 😊😊
Sorry Birdman Fans Your hero is the most Dumbest on our list today.
I think I’ll end here today but seriously there are more dumb heroes and I will really love to see your comments below…

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