6 Blogging Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make Before & After Starting Your Blog

6 Blogging Mistakes You Shouldn't  Make Before & After Starting Your Blog

Everyday I receive a lot of requests from younger bloggers on my Facebook friend-list asking this one simple question over and over again.

“What Am I Doing Wrong”

I remember some months back in a Cyber-Cafe where I met this guy who tells me “I don’t know why but it seems am getting this whole blogging thing wrong” I simply replied Yes you are getting it all wrong.
For sure am not trying to discourage any young blogger but I”ll point out this 8 essential things you need to do and some you need not to do before starting your blog.

1. Know Your Niche.

I know there’s this saying that “NO ONE EVER KNOW THEIR NICHE IN LIFE”, yes  but that applies to life  in general and not your blog
before starting your blog take some time to do some research on what your contents are based on
you write about music, yes you fall into the entertainment niche but you still write about only music related contents or you could write on General-Scaled entertainment related topics but never make this mistake of not knowing your niche.

2. Be-careful When Choosing Your Domain/Brand Name 

This is another big mistake most newbies make, for instance if I should name my blog it’ll mean I am either a motivational speaker or this is my personal website where people go to read about me, if that is not the case then I’ve made one of the biggest blogging mistakes of choosing a brand name that is not suitable for any niche.
You may not take this as very serious but your domain/brand name reflects how your blog fits into any niche for instance also is an entrepreneur and the brand is spelled out plainly.

3. Read A Lot From Other Blogs

So many bloggers find this to be very discomforting nowadays but for sure this is one mistake you wouldn’t want to make.
For me i read from my competitors to keep track of how far they’ve gone and how I’ve slacked behind, It’s a really stressing thing to do but if you’d want people to read from you why not read from others? the bible did say “DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WISH OTHERS WILL DO TO YOU”.

4. Write Quality/Captivating Contents

I always tell other bloggers(Young ones more especial) doing the CTRL+C & CTRL+V never helped top bloggers and speakers like Niel Patel who they are today, writing quality, captivating & attractive contents did, off course you could be a newbie or an enthusiast in the blogosphere all the same better for let your soon to be audience or your already gained audience see what you are capable of.

5. Get Social / Do Commenting A Lot

If you google the keyword Seo, you will not only find out that this two things are very essential to the health of your growing or already stabilized blog, you will also find out that every result will at the end mention this two procedures.
This is one mistake every blogger makes during his/her start-up days I made that mistake too we all did, so if you’re reading this and you’re yet to start your blog? then HURRAY!!!! piece of advice make a facebook page for your blog even before you get it out there, make a community on reddit get a twitter handle  in simple essence be social before you launch your soon to be brand/blog
Secondly start visiting influencer’s site and read from them make comments on their articles it helps a lot.
 A friend of Mine got 45k PageViews on his launch day without paying a dime for adverts, I asked him How? and he’s reply was Comment.
Commenting on other blogs exposes you as a blogger and increases you audience in general.

6. Ad-sense Is Not A Priority 

This is the biggest mistake most young bloggers i know make (Yes Off Course Blogging Must Pay) but still yet don’t base all your time trying to get approved by Google’s Ad-sense when there are alternatives, OK even if you decide “I’m Only Going TO Earn From Ad-sense” all the same better for you still i advice you work on your contents, your audience, your brand/blog most importantly before thinking of making money.


There’s billion mistake we’ve all made as bloggers and from our mistakes we’ve learned, still yet we still have to point out some few so others would learn from it.
Please drop a comment below if these was helpful.

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