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Benefits of The Internet In Our Day-to-Day Academic Excellence [Part 1]

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Benefits of The Internet In Our Day-to-Day Academic Excellence[Part 1]
Benefits of The Internet In Our Day-to-Day Academic Excellence[Part 1]
A Simple Student ICT Handout  
Hilip Kaladappa
Supervised by: Nimi Kaladappa, Prophet S.R. Kaladappa, Mrs. Vivian Kaladappa and Hilip I. Kaladappa for the Wayswap Magazine’s Team


[This piece was made possible by the Wayswap Magazine group of staffs to educate and enlighten young scholars, in a global world where the internet is the order of the day we seek to educate the young African generation the positive uses of the Internet and how they too can find success academically using this powerful tool.]


What is the Internet…?

You don’t expect to know the importance of a certain product or commodity without knowing reasons or the benefits of that given product.
Knowing the meaning or reason of every given commodity or product increases the interest or attention the consumers will find in the product.

Anonymous definition of the Internet

The International-Network or the Internet as called for short is a global system of inter-linked computers protocols mainly consisting of IP’s and TCP’s it consists of both private, public, government and business networks holding vast information’s such as Hypertext documents and applications of the world wide web (www) , Electronic Mails (E-mails) and File Transfer or Sharing Protocols (FTP).

Wikipedia’s definition

The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide.
It is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business and government networks of both local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies.
My definition

The Internet sometimes called “The Net” is simply a worldwide system of computer networks it is – a Network of Networks in which users at any end can connect to another computer directly if permission is granted.

About The Internet

The development of the INTERNET started in the early parts of the year 1960 by the U.S government’s agency called ARPA (Advance Research Project Agency).
The main aim of the creation was to make a user-friendly computer that allow users in one Research University to “talk to” users in other Research University
Now you know the meaning of the Internet let us proceed to benefits you can get from it as a scholar.
1.    The Internet aids us in our home works / assignments.
2.    The Internet broadens our reading scope.
3.    The Internet is an open source of educative information.
4.    75% of the information on the internet is available for free.
5.    Money can be made from the Internet legitimately.
What is the right way to use the Internet…?

I have listed five ways you can use the Internet to your advantage in your Day-to-Day academic success.
1.    Join Educative Social Groups
2.    Visit educative web pages
3.    Research a lot of keywords
4.    Google should be your best friend
5.    Be Curious about information


With these five (5) tips listed above you should be able to use the Internet to your advantage in your Day-to-Day studies.

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  • Internet and networking is very powerful tool now and equips us to get any information we want or need.
    This is good post for students to give them easy and clear definition of internet.

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