#Face2know: Fred Quimby

8 times Academy Award winner and head of MGM Animations this late 79yrs old is our face2know this week
Fred Quimby is a name know by every household but his face? No one knows, and although he is a eight time Academy Award winner, you might not even know what this man did to deserve eight Oscars
Do you remember your childhood? When cartoons were your best entertainment? When you didn’t have to worry about much….? Well if you do then you should idolize Fred Quimby for one of his best produced animations “Tom & Jerry”
# Facts About Quimby 
Full Name – Fredrick Clinton “Fred Quimby”
Age – 79yrs(dead)
Quimby when approached by Hanna Williams and Joseph Barbara to discuss on the animated short film “Puss Guts Boots” at first refused but after approving a one episode of the short film and saw it’s financial returns approved the next cat and mouse animated series “Tom & Jerry” which will later earn him seven academy awards 
According to he’s Co-creators (Hannah Williams & Joseph Barbara) Quimby was a man with no humour and even as cartoon producer Fred never really loved cartoons.

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