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How To Earn 2$ Bitcoins For Free Daily

Bitcoins earned free

3 hours of your time and you make 2$ a day
Like i said i’ll teach you how to make 2$ worth of bitcoins everyday for free using only faucets
Don’t get alarmed though i know bitcoin faucets Don’t pay that much this days, that’s why we will be working with a totally different and new coin (PeerCoin)
                       What Is PeerCoin?
Peercoin is a fast rising crypto currency and like every crypto coinPeerCoin is decentralized and can be mined, PeerCoin is also ranked No.73 in the CoinCapMarket and is currently worth 2$ (1.89$ Precisely).
                       Why Use PeerCoins
There are 1001 bitcoin faucets in the internet today as we know it but most of this faucets already increased their payout threshold, take moonbits for instance when i started using moonbits my payout threshold was 10000 satoshis, but when more users joined the faucet 10000 satoshis turned 15,000 and presently it’s at 20,000
Now you can see why bitcoin faucets would not be advisable?
What we want to do in here us substitute PeerCoin faucets for bitcoins… You grab the idea…..?
                    What is A Faucet?
Incase you’re asking yourself what a faucet is….?
A Faucet is simply a networked site set up by someone who buys alot of publishing advertising  space.. You’re being paid free crypto currencies for the adverts surfed or ReCaptchas solved.
         How To Earn Free PeerCoins/Bitcoins
Download Coinomi Mobile Wallet from PlayStore or click here
Create a Bitcoin Wallet and a PeerCoin Wallet
Register and link both of your wallets to FaucetHub Join FaucetHub
Start Claiming  PeerCoins from all four PeerCoin Faucets listed below
FaucetBtc1 – Click here
PPC Strokers – Join Here
Xfaucets – Join Here
KonstantiNoVa – Join Here
Each of the faucet listed pays not less than 5000Peertoshi that is (0.0005000PPC) every 5 minutes and all claims would be sent to your faucethub account.
Note: FaucetHub is a MicroWallet and can hold upto eight different crypto currencies
            How To Convert PeerCoins to Bitcoins
Normally FaucetHub holds your PeerCoins until you get to 1PPC (1.89$ or 2$)
3 to 4 hours of Faucets claiming would give you 1PPC (Tested by me)
Once Threshold is reached Withdraw funds to your Coinomi Wallet and use the Exchange option above
P:S Exchange will cost you no transaction fees
Methods have been tested and proved working and when this post is updated some payment proves would be attached.
Thank you for reading… And if you have any problems be sure to use the comment box.

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