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How To Save Your Smart Phone Battery With Music

Smartphones are taking over the ever changing earth we live on and in the this computer age  there’s nothing more frustrating as having a smart phone that consumes it’s battery very fast
This problem which is not only common in Mobile devices is also common in our everyday eletric powered gadgets
The frustration alone can make you abandone your just newly purchased device/gadget for something new
Today I want to share with you how “I conserve my battery with Music”
Don’t say i have better things to do than play music, because this simple technique might help you conserve a lot of battery life.
P:S This said method have worked for me, and I can’t keep track of the ammount of times but still yet I’ve tried it on Android devices so if you use iOS or any other mobile platform just give it a short and drop a comment on your results.
How To Save Your Smart Phone Battery With Music

#Here’s What You Should Do

Firstly if you have more than one Music Players installed on your device i advise you uninstall all (You may leave one installed + your default Music Player App)
Secondly chck if your android version is Lower than Jellybean or Kitkat or maybe higher
(If your android version is higher than both then just activate the “Long Press Volume Key Skip Media” option in your settings)(If it is lower than both versions or it is exactly both version and you can’t find the “Long Press Volume Key Skip Media” option then i’ll reommend you make use of XPOSED Installer to activate this option)
If your device drains battery life by itself this would also help
Now all you have to do is goto your Music Player and play any music of your choice 
Note: if you check your battery meter/usage you’ll notice the Music Player App increases the battery life by 1hour 
All you have to do now is lock the main screen to a dormant sleep mode and switch through your playlist using only your volume buttons(This Conserves your battery power until when you’re ready to use the device.
Heres a Link to Download  Xposed Installer / Gravity Box for KitKat and JellyBean(JB) and MashMellow(MM) For GingerBread please download directly from Xposed Installer 
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