Lyrics : Hik – UP (Shabalezah)

Lyrics : Hik - UP (Shabalezah)


Raa (Raa)
 You know me

Listen.. .. 

Wayswap niggas been a long time 
ShabaLezah make a nigga stunting 
ShabaLezah make a nigga drop
 ShabaLezah make a nigga talking shit
 ShabaLezah take you to the top 
Cus am Up (Hey Raa)
 ShabaLezah make a nigga drop
 Cus am Up (Hey Raa) 
ShabaLezah make a nigga drop 

Verse 1:

Am sitting on my own looking this fla (This Fla)
 Bitch told me hik you looking so high (So High)
 Weed smoking never got me this high (This High)
 Am feeling on my own am a B-FAB (B-Fab)
 Black man chilling in the sun ray (Sun Raay…)
Take back all the things yo said bitch(Said Bitch)
 Club life that i can’t afford snitch(Snitch)
 Bar so dope you be drinking
 By the time done girl i swear you’ll be Hiking (Hiking)
 Motherfuckers said they never saw me sipping
 On the jar of money even when they eye was peeping(Peeping)
 Black man black ass black dogs chilling 
(Repeat Chorus) 
Verse 2 :
Yea (7x)
Bitch don’t pull the trigger please don’t kill me (Don’t Kill Me)
 Yea i made the money so don’t leave me (Don’t Leave Me)
 Is money really worth it to be lazy (Lazy)
 Hik that Hik this bitch fuck (Uhh…)
 Call all your niggas who’d give a fuck (Wooow.)
 Bam bam bam ion give a fuck ( I Don’t Give A Fuck)
 Feelings damn no i don’t really want (really want)
 Yea crazy Motherfuckers made mills 
 But am smoking that luigy my way (My way)
 Am so high baby i can flaway (Flaway)
 Damn bitch you just made my day (My Day)
 Sbm Gang we gonna flaway…. 
(Repeat Chorus) 
Hey Raa 
 Hey Raa
 You know me Hik 

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