Scandal: South African Actress Opens up on Being Raped As a Little Girl

PHOTO: Rami Chune- Drum South African Actress

Actress, singer and author Rami Chuene recently opened up about sexual abuse she suffered when she was a child.
In an episode of Real Talk with Anele (Mdoda), Rami said she was only six years old when she was abused for the first time, and it went on until she was eight years old.
Rami said she has only now started talking about the traumatic events after writing her memoir, We Kissed the Sun and Embraced the Moon.
“I had to book into a hotel when I was writing about that chapter. I didn’t know how I would be emotionally when I went to that place and didn’t want my children to see me in that space,” she said.
Rami added that as she was writing her memoirs all sorts of memories about that horrific time came back to her.
“I then started to remember why I have always hated one ply toilet paper and also why I never liked Vaseline – because the man who had abused me it liked it,” she said.
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