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Tips: How to point your Naij Mail To Gmail

Some weeks back I logged into my Naij Mail (The First Nigerian Mail Service) as they claimed and notice this message at the top

“IMPORTANT: The service MAIL NAIJ will shutdown on 1st October”

If you happen to be a guy like me who uses allot of mail services you’d know 75% of our working files are stored in our mail.

For this purpose i had to contact the Mail Naij the for the first time
Luckily I got this reply

“We’re sorry for any inconveniences caused by our service but Mail Naij shutdown is due to not being able to compete with the bigger mailing services like Gmail and Yahoo or Microsoft’s Live Mail, although we will show you some simple methods on how you can point your address to your existing Gmail address

Thank you”

Well this was nice to me, and I feel i should share (cut stories short follow the steps below and point yours now.

First locate settings in your Gmail tab and find the “Add Account” option

Input your Naij Mail address e.g or
In the next page add your password and setup your port and mail server to 
Server –
Port – 110
Retrieve old mails or you can do that later 
If all processes are followed exactly you should get the right results 
Let me see your comments below if this was helpful 

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