Watch: Grown Nigerian Man forced to swear to local shrine Naked!!!

Just In – Live in Okrika Local Government Area, River State in Nigeria Wayswap Eye Witness Received this shocking story

The not man in the video (name undisclosed) is said to have been accused of various murder in his community

According to our source the accused is said to use all sort of charms(juju) to kill people and when caught denies this shameful act

When his life is threatened the story is taken to the table of Niger Delta’s infamous militant “Ateke Tom” who gave orders to bath him in the ocean, shave off his hair and let him swear to the Local Okrika deity

The consequences of swearing the deity if found guilty is death after seven days and if he (the accused) is found not guilty the accusers dies also (vice viser)

Although we’re still tracking this story, this is no fun way to pass judgement on a man.

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